My favorite memories about 6th grade are the lock in/social, and the trip to Camp Lakeview! Both of these experiences were so fun! The lock in as probably the best night of my life, and the camp was so fun, we did so many fun and exciting activities! I loved every second of both!


FIAT Week 5-6 Questions

1. she became much more braver and stronger, as she gained new friends and got more confidence in herself!

2. My personal goal/dream is to get on the top soccer team in my age group, wether that be this summer, next year, or in ten years, i know i can do it if i put the extra time and effort in, i know i can do it!

3.I enjoyed this book because I like the characters, in the story it was telling. I also liked how Allie stood up for herself and didn’t let people walk over her.


1.i couldn’t figure it out☹️

2. Courageous?


Week 3-4 FIAT Questions

  1.  The impossible becomes alleys feeling brave and getting friends
  2. Albert is being bullied because of what he is wearing. Ali helps him feel better by being nice to him.
  3. if someone is bullying you stand up for yourself and don’t let them walk all over you.

FIAT week 2

1. One of the new friendships in the book was Keisha and Ally. They came to be friends when Ally was drawing and Keisha thought it was cool.

2. A unexpected friendship in my life was when me and my friend drew became friends because we were on the same soccer team and them she left, and surprisingly I was the only one from my soccer team who kept in touch with her!💕

3. Who’s your best friend and how long have y’all known each other?

FIAT Week 1 Questions

  1. What are your first impressions of your novel? How do you feel as you are getting started? How do you connect with the start of your story?

My first impression of FIAT is that its pretty good so far! I feel that the main character is treated unfairly by classmates, and teachers, and the only person that is really starting to connect and relate to her is Mr. Daniel. I can connect to the start of the story being that she hides her feelings and doesnt let them out.

2. What characters have you met so far? How would you describe each of there relationships with eachother ?

We have met the main character Ally, her fam and her classmates, and her teachers. Her classmates dont really like her, her teachers dont really like her, accept Mr. Daniels.

3. What is yall’s favorite moment in the book so far?


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6th Grade!

What i like about 6th grade is all the freedom. i love how you have multiple classes each day and different classes each day! I especially love how you can have snacks in almost all of our classes!  And I love how at lunch you can eat outside if you want. And I love how you dont have to walk in a line to classes. 6th Grade is the best!